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We make events like movies going off the screen


The wedding is the reflection of your love story. So, what is your love story? It is, no doubt, special, personal and unique. Every couple is special the same way as every human-being is. We believe there is no identical person, therefore no similar love story. The wedding reflects each of you individually and both of you as a couple at the same time.


We plan atmospheric life events which can compete with the best movies by leaving a bright impact in the memory of each guest. We make events like movies going off the screen by applying a unique creative approach to each and every event. For us, events are like movie screenplays which require thorough and detailed planning.


We plan personal life events along with corporate social events. Frankly speaking, a completely different approach to company events is applied due to the fact that the type of the event is a kind of mixture between a personal event and corporate one. Corporate social events contain bites of both.