Social events for your company team members

We plan personal life events along with corporate social events. Frankly speaking, a completely different approach to company events is applied due to the fact that the type of the event is a kind of mixture between a personal event and corporate one. Corporate social events contain bites of both.


Planning a corporate event, even a social one (like company anniversary, New Year party, team building etc), we, event planners, at the first place need to understand the objectives you are trying to produce and the goals you aim to achieve. We need answers to such questions as: why you are hosting this event and what you expect to get from it. Moreover, who are your guests and which type of business relations you have with them. What is your realistic budget for this event? Once we discuss all the above, we come up with the corporate event theme, format, concept and timeline.

Team building as an event takes more preparation, brainstorming together with your senior manager (appointed to be responsible from your side) or HR and joint efforts. We believe, by applying knowledge of human resources, psychology and events, we create really special and unique team building activities, oriented for the needs of your team members and responding to your business demands.

Iftar dinners, New Year and company anniversary parties do not require planning much in advance, regardless of the detailed and meticulous preparation process. In all cases the most important point in the planning checklist is the date availability of the venue where you wish the event to take place. The rest is in complete control and in our professional hands easily to be managed.