Life is a movie! I am Alexandra, founder of UNIKOI Event Agency. If you ended up on this page, then maybe you want to know more about us, so allow me to tell you my story. They say ‘If your dream doesn’t scare you, it’s not big enough’. That’s how the UNIKOI Event Agency was born. In the heart of this company I put my scariest dreams, boldest ideas and a lot of love.

Alexandra Ivanova

From a very young age I was working hard and by now I managed to build quite a successful business and established myself as a professional in my field of work. I’ve traveled half of the world and became financially independent. I was always attracted by beautiful things, fashion, architecture and most of all - theatre and movies. I’ve always loved and practiced painting, I was singing and enjoyed dancing a lot. Thanks to non-stop traveling and residing in different countries I got introduced to many cultures and traditions. It allowed me to expand my horizons and therefore I consider myself as a true cosmopolitan free of prejudice.

I see life as a movie full of special moments, such as declaration of love, wedding, birth of children, which live long in our memories. All of us live through our own life scenarios, each of us is a producer full of ideas and dreams. I believe that combining your dreams and ideas with our experience and professionalism in making events we can create a beautiful movie which you could relive again and again in your memories.

Based on this idea UNIKOI Event Agency was founded.

Imagine your love stories and happy moments recorded on film tape like a great hollywood movie. After many years you can rewatch this movie, diving into pleasant memories, remembering the details and feelings like that very day. Our professional team and myself will take care of the whole process bringing your most bold ideas to life. You only need to give us your trust and allow us to be a small part of your story.

Lights… Camera… Action… Cut

Remember… Life is a movie.