To create a classic wedding for Ella and George


The story of the beautiful couple of Ella and George is full of odd coincidence. While listening to their story we literally had chills, as it was so magical and even bizarre. A series of these repeatedly happening life events pushed them to be together, forcing their lives’ parallels to intersect at the point, where that would seem completely impossible. Love insisted, love did not give up, love was filled with endless hope. This story was worth to be told and to be experienced.


We decided to go for classic design principles, thereby emphasizing the timelessness and infinite merit. We were aiming to create something that would be still ageless. Soft light transitions from delicate ivory to peach shades of floral design, thin delicate lines and aerial fabrics completely conveyed the feeling of infinity, which can easily be repeated after many decades. However, by contrast to the elegant decor, the entertainment added a bit of “spice” that created cheerful and dynamic atmosphere to the event. We completely changed the sequence of the show and the entire wedding program created a Wow effect among the guests.

Planning a gala event can be daunting, but never fear.
UNIKOI is here to take care of every step in the process, from the big things like finding the right venue, right down to the tiniest detail. You have a vision, we have the connections. Together, we’ll create your ideal event!

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