Bachelorette party

There’s no place like Dubai for celebrating a glamorous and glitzy bachelorette party when you say goodbye to your singlehood and make a very important step in your life. Having your bachelorette party in Dubai is the next big thing as the dazzling city has established itself amongst the hot new bachelorette party destinations for all the fun and adventure it offers. 

Just imagine…

Morning in the world’s highest 360 degrees infinity pool offering incredible views of the iconic Dubai skyline, Palm Jumeirah and the glistening horizon of the Arabian Gulf.  You start your day with a leisurely swim in such a pool and enjoy a laid-back poolside lunch, complemented by relaxing yet energetic music vibes. It is the one-of-a-kind morning experience which barely no one can resist, as it triggers all your senses.

Dinner in the sky, literally in the clouds, gives you the feeling of unreality and fascination.

The mystery of the Arabic night in the Sheikh palace (so familiar to us from movies) goes off the screen in the desert safari during your bedouin dinner, being entertained by pretty belly dancers, muscled fire-eaters and secret tanoura dancers.
Your heart will be left forever in the kingdom of shopping - the Dubai Mall - a place to be lost in the world of fashion, glamor and beauty.

UNIKOI event is your ideal bachelorette party planner who is always here to make the stay in Dubai for you and your girlfriends an unbelievable dream turned into reality.

We take the planning process of your Dubai bachelorette party from A to Z. We start from a personal meeting online or offline, during which we ask you some questions to know all your needs, dreams, wishes; and to walk you through the whole process of planning, discussing bachelorette party ideas and themes. After the meeting you have enough time to think over and make your decision. Once you are ready, all you need to do is to drop us an email, confirming your wish to book us as your bachelorette party planner. From this confirmation your exciting bachelorette planning journey starts! Instantly you will get a customized bachelorette party planning checklist from us, where you will see all the steps, thoroughly planned by us and to be duly done by all the team, including you and your girlfriends. From now on we are one team for creating your perfect and unforgettable bachelorette party experience in Dubai.

Bachelorette party

Nothing can match the thrill and excitement of heading on a private yacht in the Arabian Gulf with your besties. Complete with jacuzzi, barbecue by celebrity chef, world-class drinks, your own DJ on the deck, customized decoration in your bachelorette party theme, photographer capturing the unique  moments… you can even forget the world for a while.

Bachelorette party

Dubai also offers fantastic culinary experiences at its Michelin-star restaurants and plush lounges. With its impressive variety of cultures you have a unique chance to taste cuisine from as many countries as you wish. In Dubai literally you can find traditional dishes from any part of the world. Every day you and your friends can have culinary thematic dinners.